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We believe your hair is an asset, expressing style and beauty.. Our dynamic teams of experts are not just great with people but also with their hair. Our customers trust us with their hair - whether they grow it long or prefer it fashionably short.


Cutez-r-us hair and beauty offers a contemporary yet comfortably chic and elegant environment that serves for women. Our hair cuts are latest trends and fashionable. You will find that our prices vary somewhat by stylist and services, so we do not include pricing on our website.  Our pricing is very much in line with other contemporary salons, with established stylists, offering top quality work in fashionable localities of the country.  So contact us - we will discuss your specific desires.  


Cutez-r-us hair and beauty believes in offering hair extension, hair highlighting, hair coloring or hair curt that do not damage the natural hair !!! Many women are looking for natural hair extensions and want that extra special hair to go with it such as Brazilian hair, European hair, Natural Indian hair and of course Russian hair.  One of the most popular used hair types on the market today is Remi hair.  After all your hair is your beauty and beauty is power.


Cutez-r-us hair and beauty in Colombo Sri Lanka has enjoyed many years' experience in hairdressing. Our salon provides a wide range of classic and contemporary hairstyling services together with friendly service from our staff. And you can trust our expertise: we'll be happy to offer you any advice you might need on your hair.


You're always in good hands at Cutez-r-us hair and beauty. Our dedicated and experienced teams of stylists are at your disposal to cater to your every need, whether you prefer the retro or more modern look or want your hair done at your home.

You won't be disappointed!! It’s guarantied !!!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments and we will be glad to give you a quick response.




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