hair extensions

We are offering only luxury high quality human hair extensions of unparalleled beauty. You won't believe your eyes, when you put in Cutez-r-us Clip In Hair Extensions. They will instantly transform you natural hair into Mermaid long, gorgeous locks!

Using the very best virgin hair with cuticles aligned in the same direction and the most expensive processing with all natural ingredients and no acids. This result is the most beautiful, longest lasting human hair extensions in Sri Lanka. No surprises or disappointments!

In addition, Cutez-r-us hair and beauty in Colombo Sri Lanka can allow you to enjoy the benefit of having more choices among various colored clip in hair extensions. Black, brown, blond hair extensions, including hair weave can allow you to create a new look immediately by adding color highlights to your hair without using any hair coloring. Suppose you are someone who is most interested in colored clip in hair extensions, here may be the best place.


Funky Colour

Cutez-r-us hair and beauty offers over 15 funky colour strands that never fade. The colour strands are made using 100 Virgin Remy hairs. Colours include bright pink, orange, grey, gold, green, red, purple, violet, blue etc.

Extension hair extension in Sri Lanka


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