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Cutez-r-us hair and beauty’s chemical hair treatments include permanent waving, straightening and hair lightening/coloring. These treatments cause permanent changes to the hair.

Enhance your hair's tone, experiment with a dramatic new look, or cover grays with colour that reflects your personal style. Colour makes you look and feel fresher and younger. We provide a high quality, professional & efficient service to female. We are using eco friendly and ammonia free hair colour.

At Cutez-r-us Hair and Beauty Salon in Colombo Sri Lanka, our hair stylists are hair coloring experts. We can give you the right hair color for your skin tone and add dimension to your hair style.

Tips for Hair Color

In addition, Cutez-r-us hair and beauty is expert for fixed your wrong colors, we always will discuss what to do when you or your hairdresser messes up your hair color. From time to time this will happen for various reasons. What we want to do is get you back to good hair with minimal drama.


Wrong Color

You've taken the plunge and gone with a permanent color or a strong semi permanent, but it's just not what you pictured. If you had it done at a salon, any good professional will be happy to adjust it if you're not completely satisfied.  

If you just can't live with it at all, Cutez-r-us hair and beauty can fix it for you. If you have used a semi permanent color, most of it will eventually wash out, you may just keep shampooing. In any event, time and a haircut may be your best bets.


Correcting Too-Light Color

If you've had your hair lightened and then decided platinum just isn't your thing, just contact us, Cutez-r-us hair and beauty can apply a darker toner to get the shade you prefer. (Any good salon professional will be happy to adjust your color if you're not completely satisfied.)

If you've used a permanent color to lighten only a little and still want it darker, try using a mild semi permanent or a temporary color until it's time for a touch-up, then use a darker product.


Correcting Dull Color

Spray-on shine and silicone products give instant luster; just don't overdo them or your hair will end up looking greasy. For a serious case of the dulls, consider a colorless gloss. And highlights or lowlights will give your hair a livelier appearance.


Correcting Too-Dark Color

During the first week after coloring, hair usually lightens a bit, especially after a few shampoos; this is particularly true of coarse and damaged hair. Just feel free to contact your favorite hair and beauty specialist Cutez-r-us for free advice.








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