Brazilian Gloss has revolutionized the world of hair care with its proprietary Keratin Smoothing Gloss Treatment. Enriched with keratin and Panthenol, Cutez-r-us hair and beauty now offers clients the instant results they’ve wanted by enabling a washout during the salon treatment. Brazilian Gloss features a smoothing effect like no other, and unlike any other salon treatments, it simultaneously strengthens and improves the shine and health of the hair. The result is naturally frizz-free, beautiful hair that is smoother, stronger, and glossier than ever before.
Smooth, shiny, healthy hair that grows longer and faster. Same day results in less than 2 hours. You are free to wash and style the hair the same day. Other systems require the solution to be left in the hair for up to 4 days. Shorter or no styling time with the support of the Brazilian Gloss aftercare system. Frizz free hair regardless of lifestyle or weather conditions. Contact the best hair and beauty parlor in Colombo Sri Lanka for more information.


Keratin is the essential component of hair. It is a protein formed by the combination of 18 amino acids. Keratin also acts as a protective shield for our skin and nails as well.


The Brazilian Gloss Smoothing Treatment™ actually bonds keratin to the hair shaft and brings to the hair a shiny, vibrant, healthy look that is frizz-free. Keratin molecules infuse the hair by improving and restoring the quality of the hair. Keratin also fills in the gaps between the cuticle and the hair shaft and is then sealed with a professional flat iron. This eliminates the frizz, adds strength and elasticity, and at the same time, achieves the straightening effect due to the added weight of the keratin which smoothes and weighs down each strand of hair. Additionally, keratin coats the hair cuticle on the outside and protects it from environmental damage (UV rays, smog, and other pollutants).


What is a Brazilian Gloss Treatment?

A Brazilian Gloss treatment is a revolutionary hair smoothing process that softens, smoothes, and dramatically restores the health and shine back into your hair. A Brazilian Gloss treatment employs the use of Keratin, a natural substance, which is in fact, the main protective substance in our hair, skin and nails. The treatment effectively bonds the keratin to the hair shaft, repairs external damage and ensures a healthy, high-gloss shine.

Is the Brazilian Gloss treatment permanent?

No, it is not permanent. The treatment lasts approximately 3 months after which the hair is completely back to its original state.

What type of hair works best for Brazilian Gloss?

Our proprietary keratin based formula works on all hair types. This professional treatment creates a keratin bond with the hair follicle that actually works to improve the health and shine of your hair.

Is the Brazilian Gloss treatment a relaxer?

No, this treatment is not a chemical relaxer.

How straight will Brazilian Gloss make my hair and will I lose all of my curl?

The Brazilian Gloss treatment is not designed to make your hair completely straight or to eliminate all of your curl. You will see a substantial reduction in the amount of your curl, but your hair will maintain a healthy looking amount of volume while completely eliminating frizz.

Can you perform the Brazilian Gloss treatment after coloring my hair?

Yes, this treatment should be performed AFTER coloring your hair.

Can I color the hair after my Brazilian Gloss treatment?

Yes; however, if you wait to color your hair until AFTER you perform the Brazilian Gloss treatment, always be sure to wait at least 2 to 3 weeks.

Can I wear my hair in a pony tail or clip it after the treatment?

Yes, you can wear your hair as you normally would after the treatment.

Can I perform the Brazilian Gloss treatment on previously chemically treated or highlighted hair?

Yes, Brazilian Gloss can be applied on any chemically treated or highlighted hair, as long as the scalp and hair are healthy enough to receive professional salon services.

What shampoos should I use after my Brazilian Gloss treatment?

We recommend the Brazilian Gloss Daily Glossing Shampoo as it is specifically formulated for use after our treatment. The Brazilian Gloss shampoos and conditioners are specially made to extend the life of a Brazilian Gloss treatment and help to make your hair shiny, smooth and full of shine. The aftercare products are also free of any sodium chloride and are sulfate free.

Should I use Brazilian Gloss shampoos and conditioners even though I have not had a treatment done?

The Brazilian Gloss aftercare products are exceptional for eliminating frizz and are recommended for anyone that wants soft and shiny hair, regardless of whether they have had the professional salon treatment done.

Can you perform the treatment on hair that has been previously straightened or relaxed hair?

Yes, the treatment can be performed on any previously relaxed or straightened hair (including Japanese straightening systems).

Are there any restrictions on washing my hair after the treatment?

No, there are no restrictions, and unlike other treatments there is no waiting periods on washing your hair. In fact, your stylist or salon will wash and condition your hair before finishing your treatment.

On my next salon visit, should I do touch-ups on my re-growth, or should I have the whole head redone?

For a uniform appearance, the entire head should be re-treated.

If you have any enquiries about Brazillian Gloss treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us by using our online contact form or by mail.

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